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Italian Social Media Services


For your brand looking to expand into Italy, a solid Social Italiani strategy is crucial. Italy is home to 59% of all Internet users, and they love connecting online – which means that a successful social media campaign in Italy will give your company an enormous amount of reach and engagement with potential customers.

The biggest platforms in Italy are Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube and Twitter, with Facebook leading the way. Instagram is also a popular platform for Italians, although the Chinese app TikTok has recently seen some success, with nearly 24% of all Internet users in Italy now using it regularly.

From Fashion to Food: Exploring Specialized Italian Social Media Services

Aside from social media, Italy is home to a huge number of news and comment websites. Many of these are aimed at specific niches in the country’s political landscape, and they tend to attract younger audiences. For example, the new management of Linkiesta has moved away from the investigations that gave the website its name and is now focusing on opinion and analysis pieces.

There are also a lot of picture and video-sharing sites in Italy, such as Pinterest and YouTube. The latter is especially popular in Italy, where people like to share videos of their trips or events. YouTube is also a key platform for brands trying to get noticed in Italy, with Lavazza, L’Oreal, and Ford being some of the most well-known companies that have an account on the site.

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