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Mast Climbing Work Platform Safety Alert


Mast climbing work platform (MCWP) is often used in masonry and façade work, providing vertical access to buildings from 20’ to 250’ or more. These systems can be erected, dismantled and repositioned on the building at any time, making them very versatile and productive for project schedules. Their small base footprint makes them ideal for construction projects that have limited space to store equipment and materials. They also have built-in fall protection, and guardrail travels with the mast for additional worker safety.

This safety alert warns employers of an unexpected and potentially fatal problem that HSE is investigating with a particular model of mast climber. This involves a mechanical fault in the drive unit which, if not identified and repaired quickly, could cause the mast climber to tip over while in use.

Enhancing Efficiency with Mast Climbing Work Platforms

Mast climbers are a quick and convenient solution to large scale facade work, saving over 30 percent of the erecting time compared with traditional scaffolding. They are easy to move around a building and can be lowered when the construction is complete for residents to come home.

When a project requires multiple lifts to reach different parts of the building, the MCWP can be repositioned on a new sill for each lift, saving valuable erecting and dismantling time. They can also be lowered down to the ground, allowing trades to take up materials on board without the need for cranes and hoists, further increasing productivity on site.

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