Portal Bridge NEC games How Live Ops Can Help Video Game Developers Avoid the Pitfalls of Live Games

How Live Ops Can Help Video Game Developers Avoid the Pitfalls of Live Games


Live Games are video games that offer ongoing engagement and updates after the initial release. This open-ended approach to gameplay creates a deeper sense of engagement for gamers and helps foster strong customer retention and loyalty. More info:https://www.ufa88s.vip/

This new approach to video game production has brought with it its fair share of failures. It’s not uncommon for a game to see its player base dwindle after it is announced as a live service title, and many players have found themselves sucked in by stylish-looking trailers for games that were then revealed as nothing more than a live service experience with bloated development costs and no way out.

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There are many reasons why developers choose to produce live games, but there is also a large number of drawbacks associated with the process. These include ongoing costs that can quickly strain a team’s financial resources, as well as the potential risk of losing a player base to competing titles.

Luckily, there is a tool that can help teams understand these issues and navigate the pitfalls of creating a live game. This is called Live Ops, and it focuses on a variety of metrics that are vital to the success of a live game. From monthly active users (MAU) and average session length to monetization metrics and customer support, Live Ops can provide a detailed overview of a live game’s health and performance. This can allow developers to identify areas of improvement and address customer concerns effectively.

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