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Online Breathwork Training


Whether you’re a coach, teacher or healer, adding online breathwork training can boost your ability to help your clients and students move beyond the emotional traumas and toxic patterns that limit them. Many of the breathing techniques are simple and accessible to anyone, and they can be incorporated into your one-on-one sessions or shared with your clients for self-healing at home.

There’s a growing interest in breathwork, facilitated by the likes of Australian man Richie Bostock (@thebreathguy) and Dutch extreme athlete Wim Hof, who uses breathing techniques alongside cold exposure to enhance health. Among the online breathwork training options, AIR School of Breathwork offers a comprehensive facilitator certification program that’s accessible from anywhere in the world, and past students have reported undergoing profound personal transformation during their time in the course.

Online Breathwork Training: Convenient and Effective

Yoga International’s Teach Pranayama course is another online breathwork training option that’s designed to teach yoga teachers, bodyworkers and healing professionals the basics of modern breathwork practices. It also helps participants develop the confidence to facilitate their own workshops and groups.

If you’d rather train in person, there are a number of breathwork workshop and retreats that offer the opportunity to learn both the rebirthing and modern styles of breathing. For example, PachaMama’s Wisdom of Breath workshop in Costa Rica guides participants through meditative and spiritual breathwork exercises to unlock unconscious thoughts and emotions that are blocking them from achieving their goals. The retreat is suitable for all levels of experience, though it doesn’t provide coaching certification upon completion.

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