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Invisalign Treatment Langley BC


If you’re a teen or adult who’s embarrassed by crooked teeth, there are solutions. One of the best is the revolutionary, nearly invisible invisalign treatment langley bc. This method is much more effective than traditional metal braces and works through a series of clear, plastic aligners. They’re crafted specifically for your teeth with advanced 3-D computer imaging technology.

How much does Invisalign cost for one time?

These trays exert pressure on the teeth, triggering cell regeneration and bone movement, which gradually shifts them into a more healthy position. The trays are replaced about every two weeks with the next in the series. Unlike traditional braces, the aligners are easy to clean and aren’t likely to irritate your mouth. You’ll visit the office about once every six weeks to make sure your treatment is progressing as planned.

The beauty of invisalign is that it’s virtually invisible when worn and will not interfere with your appearance. It also gives you the flexibility to eat and drink what you want during treatment, as well as brush and floss as normal. Unlike conventional braces, there’s no need to spend time in the dentist’s chair for adjustments or to have wires removed.

During your initial consultation, we’ll scan your teeth and take impressions of your bite, which we will send to Invisalign to create the custom aligners. We’re proud to be a Platinum Plus Invisalign Provider, which means Dr. Standerwick has extensive training and experience with this innovative technique. Contact us today to get started.

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