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Native Cigarettes Canada Review


Native Cigarettes Canada

Native Cigarettes Canada is an online cigarette store that sells a variety of popular brands of cigarettes. They offer a wide selection of brands and flavours, and have the ability to ship to a variety of locations. This can be beneficial to consumers who do not live close to a tobacco shop, or want the convenience of shopping from their own home.

Currently, many Indigenous communities produce their own brand of cigarettes that are exempt from federal and provincial taxes, and therefore much cheaper than mainstream commercial brands. This is due in part to differences in the way the products are regulated, and the fact that some Indigenous communities have negotiated specific agreements and arrangements with governing authorities.

These cigarettes are often labelled with names like Mohawk Blend or Native, and can be purchased on reserve for as little as $20 a carton. They are sold to non-Aboriginal customers in on-reserve smoke shacks or, increasingly, through criminal gangs off reserve. Despite the high price tag, the cigarettes are selling well. The profits from the business support services for the community, and are an important source of income for young entrepreneurs on the Kanasatake reserve near Montreal.

Native Cigarettes in Canada: Where to Find Them and What You Need to Know

The high price of legal cigarettes incentivizes people to purchase illegal, untaxed contraband, which is supplied by a network that involves both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Canadians. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police estimates that the sale of these illegal cigarettes contributes up to $2 billion annually to organized crime in Canada. Increasing tobacco tax rates will help to deter the consumption of these illegal products, but may also increase the cost of legal cigarettes for some consumers.

Native Cigarettes Canada
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