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Rebel Flags Collection


Shop our Rebel Flags Collection for a variety of items dedicated to the Confederate States of America and a historic part of American History. The world renowned Confederate Flag is one of the most widely used and recognized symbols of the southern states of America. Also known as the Rebel Flag, Southern Cross or Dixie flag this flag represents a true part of american history.Check this out:https://ultimateflags.com/collections/rebel-flags/

Though the Beauregard battle flag was most widely used by the CSA military, there were many other battle flags in use of different shapes, colors and designs. The collection of these varied flags in the Museum at Jefferson Davis State Historic Site & Museum illustrates some of the many options available to commanders to inspire their soldiers and unite their people through symbolism.

Rebel Flags Collection: Heritage, Rebellion, and Legacy

Some of these flags, like the one pictured here, are elongated versions of the Army of Tennessee’s battle flag and The Second Confederate Navy Jack. Others are square and have saltier corners with different configurations of stars. Still others are a combination of these various design elements.

The CSA was founded to preserve slavery and promote white supremacy (see Mississippi’s declaration of secession that reads, “Our position is thoroughly identified with the institution of Slavery — the greatest material interest of the world, upon which all other rights depend for their support, and that is a natural and fundamental right of every man, born or naturalized in this country). From its beginnings, therefore, the best known Confederate symbol, the battle flag, was imbued with these ideals.

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